Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Future of Work in Australia

This post is based around an infographic from Macquarie Telecom published today.  I have tried to incorporate the infographic itself, but it changes shape and size so that approach makes it unreadable.

Best option might be to use the link and read the story directly yourself.

It will likely affect YOU............especially if in prime working age.

I read of AI even being used in compiling intricate and detailed legal opinion via gleaning material off the web and developing it into a cogent and reasoned legal advice.  Who would have believed that experienced legal practitioners might be replaced - or disrupted -  by a machine???

will get you to the infographic and with additional linkages of some interest.

Work and the nature of work is changing, so be aware.  Might be a bit tricky to replace a plumber, oe electrician, especially for repairs, or even a hairdresser........but where knowledge is critical it might happen sooner than one realises.

An interesting read.

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