Monday, September 07, 2015

Zoysia Seed in Short Supply for Australia

Not good news for late 2015 as turf  / lawn planting season approaches for most areas of Australia.

Zoysia seed is produced in the USA and seasonal conditions have not been favourable, especially in the west of the continent, and seed yields for many turf crop species have been significantly reduced as drought has meant reduced water availability, as well as overall reduced rain and hot weather.  

Seed yields are down, and quality has been affected.

Both Zenith and Compadre seem to be affected significantly, along with couch grass, bent grass and some other temperate species.  Obtaining seed lines of zoysia that will make the quality required for import to Australia is seemingly somewhat problematical.  It is not an issue that Australian suppliers and importers have much control over either.

While some seed is currently available, stocks are low.

Best advice - if planning to use zoysia seed for sowing this warm season, or any other seed for that matter.........sort out your supplies soon, very soon.

We do still have some seed..............and can assist with information and technical support.

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