Thursday, April 12, 2018

Gene Editing - A Comment By Bill Gates

I have made remarks here on my blog about CRISPR gene technology as well as a few posts on gene editing and its relevance to modern agriculture and science in general.  I think it is a marvellous technology tool with enormous potential for variety improvement in agriculture.

A recent post highlighted the fact that the USDA has concluded that using CRISPR gene editing is not the same as creating GMO varieties - as no transgenic change occurs.  This allows a less ardous pathway to commercial use for new products developed through this technology, as they are not GMOs.

The comment below by Bill Gates [the one from Microsoft!] might have more clout than me, but he is a strong supporter of genetic improvements across a wide field and now has close contact with eminent researchers  through heading the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which supports international research and development.  And he supports CRISPR work generally.

It is worth reading..........

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