Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Planting Zoysia Seed 2018 - Australia

It is time to put away the thoughts about planting zoysia seed in Australia - at least for some months.  Possible exception might be for northern Australia, but even there, it might be prudent to wait for a while, which I shall discuss a bit more.

As I write this blog today, the BOM is predicting some seriously cool weather approaching Australia from the south and west - with the coming week [12-20 May] commencing with the weekend of 12 / 13 May expected to be very cool [more northern areas] to very cold in the south.  But.......not before time really.

However, while planting is not wise for some months now, it does allow adequate planting and preparation time, with an emphasis on absolutely minimising or eliminating weeds in the projected sowing areas.  Ideally, use the germinate - grow a little - kill technique for weeds, using herbicides with glypghosate a prime choice [ but not the only option], or even tillage.  While it may now be too cool for spring and summer growing plants to emerge, they will come with the warmer weather from August onwards.  So be prepared!

In northern areas we prefer to see areas established from mid to late August or a little later.  But it is not so much temperature issues, although it is lower although technically suitable, from now on for a while, as the effects of shorter days and cool nights impacting growth,plus with dry season weather, it is often easier to delay, to avoid excessive irrigation needs of several months that can be avoided by a delay to the start until August or about then, but before the weather becomes too hot requiring much greater irrigation requirements.  Zoysia growth certainly improves from August with warmer weather around, and longer days.

The other good news is that it is likely that adequate Compadre zoysia seed will be available in that period, based on known stock levels now.  This is in stark contrast to the past several years in Australia when seed stock levels were negligible, and with poor chances of getting more.

If considering a new zoysia lawn using seed later in 2018, plan ahead and we are happy to discuss seed supply and site planning with potential customers.

It is also worth noting to those who have a zoysia turf area of almost any type in southern Australia- you can probably expect cold nights  - and there is potential for your zoysia to turn a golden tan colour in the cold weather.  It will recover in spring........but certainly a week of very cool nights will shut growing down. 

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