Thursday, May 24, 2007

Compadre Zoysia - Update - Buy NOW!

Seed Research Organisation - SRO of Oregon has updated the information on Compadre zoysia.

The link takes you to their site and the information on Compadre performance against other zoysias, from the southern US. Read more at the link:

Zoysia has considerable potential in the Middle East as well as the tropics and sub tropics, particularly in relation to low water use which is finally starting to also have some influence in that market. US data shows Compadre to be among the best of the zoysias.......and it can be seed sown to save money.

PRIMARY VARIETY DIFFERENCES - Compadre & Zenith, which have been selected from a very similar base material.

Colour – Compadre is slightly darker green than Zenith, and Zenith is a brighter, shinier green than Compadre.

Density – During spring and summer growing season, both Compadre and Zenith have been beating Meyer zoysia steadily in trials for superior density.

Spring Green-up – In the more northern planting zones of the USA, Compadre greens up slightly earlier than Zenith – in southern, warmer planting zones they green up at the same time. There is no significant issue of spring green up if the cooler month minimum temperature is not below around 12-14C

Growth Habit – Zenith tends to be a more upright growing variety, while Compadre tends to grow more laterally. Compadre is well suited for oval and sports turf involving games such as cricket, soccer, where the "ball run" on the ground is important. But again, it is not a huge difference in appearance. Both growth habits come out dense so they both compete well with weeds. Zenith was used for the 2002 FIFA World Cup soccer pitches. Mowing management is also relevant to manage this issue.

Tall Fescue blending for cool season use if needed– This should work equally well with both varieties. Adding in Tall Fescue should ONLY be done once the Zoysia is established. This is done in Northern state locations to create a more "year-round" green lawn. Do NOT plant other grasses (Fescue included) at the same time you plant Zoysia seeds.

Planting Areas: Note that seeded Zoysia's are ONLY for establishing in new lawn / bare soil areas. Use plugs if you need to put Zoysia into a new lawn or a shaded areas (seeds are more difficult to get germination to occur properly in shade conditions).

Leaf Width – About the same, both Zenith and Compadre.

What is the difference between Zenith Zoysia and Compadre zoysia seed?

The answer is that Zenith has a better cold /winter tolerance. Compadre is better in areas where winters are not  really cold.

Compadre greens up earlier but is not as cold/ deep winter tolerant as Zenith.

So if you live in a warmer climate with milder winters, Compadre is the best choice. If colder winters occur in your region [meaning freezing conditions] Zenith is the better choice. They are almost identical except for the cold tolerance. Both love hot climates!

There is significant R & D occurring on herbicides to use with seeded zoysias, and the situation is evolving quite rapidly. We can assist with information on the current options. Note, though, that some products may not be available to the home garden situation.

Seed is available directly from Above Capricorn - ask for a quote. We can supply to most regions of the world.  

Update - late in 2013 - Compadre zoysia seed still available and we will supply in small quantities.  Written notes on sowing information also available.


Anonymous said...

Peter, l tried to make contact with you a few weeks ago, but l think l missed your call. I am interested in purchasing some Zoysia seed and live in Perth. Do you have a supplier here l could buy it from? I am looking at about 10-15kg and hope this is not too small, for you to ship from Darwin? Cheers Dave Bartley 0408948501

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been trying to find Nara Zoysia or other Zoysia seed in Perth and there is nothing. True Blue Turf recon their Nara Zoysia is still a year away from being ready to sell.