Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Climate Web Site

Yahoo has gone green.................very green! Check out the "green" yahoo at http://green.yahoo.com - NOTE the address!!!!!

As well as a US centric view of the world it does have some general hints, tips and ideas that we can all use. As well, Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountains Institute will have a weekly guest blog article on the site. Great to see the major players getting lined up in this issue. As Amory Lovins says in his first blog article, going green can save $$, not necessarily cost more. The real cost is EFFORT to change your paradigm - put some effort into thinking, rather than being a mindless, numb player and user. This is a message he has been repeating for many years already. Now it is your turn..........to create some action.

This is his first article, reproduced off the website.

Saving the Climate for Fun and Profit
By Amory Lovins

Enough about the climate problem. Let’s talk climate solutions.

We’re toast if we don’t stop messing up the climate. But pundits and politicians keep telling us that saving the climate will cost us dearly—in dollars, lifestyles, even liberties. So must we choose between our money and our lives?

The truth is just the opposite: protecting the climate is not costly but profitable. That’s right: what we must do to stop global warming (whether or not you think it’s real) will not cost you extra; it will save you money, because saving fuel costs less than buying fuel.

Those little carbon-dioxide (CO2) molecules that fly out of our tailpipes and smokestacks, double-glaze the planet, trap heat, and threaten to unravel the fabric of life all have an invisible price tag called an energy bill. But using smarter technologies to wring far more work out of our fuels and electricity can give us exactly the same hot showers and cold beer with less energy, less CO2, lower bills, less guilt, and less climate change. It’s as simple as that.

Two-fifths of the CO2 emitted worldwide comes from burning oil, two-fifths from fueling power plants. In the next few weeks I’ll describe how to get America completely off oil at one-fourth the cost of buying the stuff, and how to save three-quarters of our electricity more cheaply than just running a coal or nuclear power plant, even if building it cost nothing. I’ll describe how smart companies are already making billions this way—and how you can get your share.

Stay tuned for solutions!

Amory B. Lovins, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute (www.rmi.org)

Winning the Oil Endgame offers a strategy for ending US oil dependence. Download it for free or buy a copy today: http://www.oilendgame.com/

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