Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Clean Technology in Mexico - A Lesson for Australia?

To many Australians, Mexico is not on the business horizon. It might be a fun location to visit......but not for business.

That is a little different in livestock production where there has been a reasonably strong connection between the tropical livestock and pastoral industries for some time. Can Mexico offer some ideas for clean technology devlopment that might be relevant in Australia? They do have a large adjacent market in the US, although some would argue that Australia does have a similar market......the countries of Asia.

Mexico may have a few ideas to also show Australia in relation to development of major initiatives in clean energy including geothermal sources, at least in shallow source areas. Some might counter this and say, so does New Zealand in geothermal sources, with both using hot rocks and steam associated with vulcanism, not a situation seen readily in Australia though.

Mexico has also been ramping up PV use.


is a recent rticle highlighting developments in clean tech in Mexico.

Could some of this be relevant for Australia?

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