Friday, March 25, 2011

Zoysia Compadre Turf at Darwin Waterfront - Early 2011 Update

The Darwin Waterfront Project used Compadre zoysia as the turf grass of choice, and it was sown from seed in late 2009. Conditions after sowing were not ideal, in fact definitely difficult, with very heavy tropical strom rain and problems with soil movement that required significant intervention by the contractor. Despite the problems, the area was sown and the Compardre zoysia grew satisfactorily after some repair work following the storm damage. Now, about 16 months later the area is fantastic.
The sown turf has very few weeds, is lush and green, and well used. Mowing frequency has been reduced to a lower level, turf density is very high and the grass provides great lateral density such that it is impossible to see any ground.

A great turf area has been achieved primarily through mowing and allowing the Compadre zoysia to develop its thick carpet of turf.

Especially important, has been the excellent growth in shady areas where ground cover is really no different to open sunny locations. Compadre zoysia is recognised as an excellent shade tolerant grass. It is soft, non itchy and usually well patronised by those using the swimming lagoon and wave pool.

Right now, that is not too many...........the rain has been keeping patrons away, especially tourists who are usually very regular users of the area!

The photos are from early March 2011, after about 3 months of very heavy wet season rain this wet season. There has been no problem with erosion and the grass is ...........well, great

This is a high profile site and Compadre zoysia has shown it can be a very acceptable and desirable turf lawn in the region.

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Anonymous said...


I read your blog about Compadre. I am in central Florida and have decided to try it on my residential lawn from seed.
Do you think it represents any real problems here? Also, where was it that you planted, in Darwin, Australia? I was just there after the foods, and between the cyclones.

Peter H said...

Sure to do well in Florida. There are instructions available for planting contact for a copy.
Photos at Darwin waterfront precinct, near lagoon and wave pool. Is across almost all of area at this precinct.