Monday, March 28, 2011

Compadre Zoysia - Choice For High Profile Area in Central Palmerston, NT

As part of the beautification of the central area of Palmerston, the Palmerston City Council has used Compadre zoysia, sown from seed, as a key component of the landscape plan. Seed sowing offered a much lower cost than using turf sod, although slower, yet allowed satisfactory development over about 16 - 20 weeks of an area that will be used for many years. The area links the public bus terminal and many of the current office buildings at the northern part of the central business area, including the Council offices, Goyder building and Post Office.

Both sides of the pedestrian pathway are sown, with trees along the road verge.

The site was prepared and sown in mid 2010, on a reasonably shallow laterite site that had modest topsoil applied.

Although germination and establishment were slower than expected, the cooler conditions of the mid dry season impacted on this with growth quickly improving from September. Slow establishment is common in the Dry season, with almost any turf grass.

The site suffered due to prior rural use of the area, and numerous plants of the pasture species of stylo also established.
Several rounds of herbicide sprays to control these weeds, along with sedges that appeared in the very wet conditions of the 2010/ 2011 wet season, were needed to develop a satisfactory turf surface.

Importantly for the Council, it does seem that reduced mowing frequency [about half of normal frequency] is practically possible with Compadre zoysia, achieving a great appearance at reduced mowing cost.

Mowing costs are a major component of long term turf maintenance on commercial areas, and less frequent mowing can reduce overall costs of the area.
The aesthetics are superb.........even if it was raining when the photos were taken in mid March 2011!

There have been some initial additional costs with weed control, but they are not huge and mowing less often will recover these costs very quickly.

The area has been established only about 8-9 months, and with the shorter dense turf cover, it does look impressive.

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