Sunday, July 20, 2014

Germany Best at Energy Efficiency while Australia and USA Very Poor

Germany tops a new energy efficiency ranking of the world’s major economies, followed by Italy, China, France, and Japan, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). 
The United States ranked 13th out of 16 nations, behind countries such as India, China, and Canada, although new carbon pollution standards proposed this June for existing power plants in the USA would be a major stride in the right direction, the ACEEE said.

The group also admonished Australia, which ranked 10th, for demonstrating “a clear backward trend” in implementing energy efficiency measures. 

Germany took the top spot largely due to regulations it has imposed on commercial and residential buildings. 

And China, despite lax enforcement of building codes, uses less energy per square foot than any other country, the analysis found.

The rankings are based on 31 energy efficiency indicators — including national policies and energy-saving programs — in 16 major economies representing over 70 percent of global energy consumption.

It seems that Australia needs to do a lot more in energy efficiency measures, but how will this rate among the hotch potch of what will be the new energy landscape in Australia in late 2014, following recent changes in parliament.

Energy efficiency measures cover such a wide range of actions - from shading of buildings, to using newer energy efficiency electric motors, sun reflecting films and windows through to better insulation and less draughty doors and higher efficiency air conditioners.  Simple stuff..........and it works! 

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