Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Repealing the Carbon Text May Kill the Very Successful Fire Abatement Programs in North Australia

The West Arnhem Fire Abatement program that reduces greenhouse gas emissions is at risk if carbon pricing is removed. This program is run through the Northern Land Council.

Details are here -http://www.nailsma.org.au/walfa-west-arnhem-land-fire-abatement-project  

In the NT this program sells greenhouse gas credits to LNG company Conoco Phillips in Darwin and has had plans for expansion.

Once the carbon tax goes, these programs are potentially likely to fall over, with this one and others in the Kimberley area at risk.

The following press release also has more to say.

Killing the carbon price will hurt Indigenous communities

Today the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) publicly supports the Kimberley Land Council, who on Friday reported that Indigenous communities stood to lose millions if the carbon price is repealed. 
“As the Prime Minister does deals with cross-bench senators this week, Indigenous communities throughout Australia are watching on in dread. Removing the ‘carbon tax’ will seriously threaten future prosperity,” said Wade Freeman, Kimberly project officer with ACF. 

The hugely successful Indigenous Rangers Program, and their work in fire management, is one area that is at risk.  “Well-planned prescribed fires have not only prevented dangerous wildfires, but have cut greenhouse pollution entering the atmosphere. Through the Carbon Farming Initiative, these are a key source of income for Indigenous communities.  “So far, the fire management activities have generated 230,000 credits estimated to be worth about $5 million based on the current carbon price,” Mr Freeman said.

“Unfortunately, the government’s own Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) will make things harder for Indigenous communities.  “Indigenous Ranger groups and communities will be pushed out of the market if the Abbott governments "reverse auction" in the ERF model is adopted. The ERF effectively has sellers competing to generate the lowest price on carbon as opposed to the current arrangement where large polluting companies compete against each other to buy credits.  "If Tony Abbott is really the Prime Minister for Indigenous Peoples, he need to find the missing link between a great initiative for Indigenous people and managing Australia’s pollution levels, and the ERF isn’t it," Mr Freeman said. 

“Earning income from carbon farming by managing country is important to the plans of remote Indigenous communities to participate in long term economic activity, rather than rely on welfare support,” Mr Freeman said.

The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again??   

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