Monday, July 21, 2014

Grow Your Own - Compadre Zoysia Turf from Seed

Once the month of July finishes in northern Australia - anywhere from Northern NSW and north it is time to consider seed sowing for a new turf area.

While using turf sod is quick and easy you certainly do have to pay for quality turf sod.

And as many residents have found in the ACT recently - sod can also transport weed species.  You hope it is clean,but weeds can be in the soil that inevitably comes with the sod.

As weather slowly warms, sowing a new Compadre zoysia lawn is a worthwhile option.  Zoysia turf is recognised as probably the best turf for Australia.  Low water requirements [ once established], low fertiliser needs, and less frequent mowing all add to a turf that is a delight for a homeowner or even a commercial site.

Less maintenance and a great appearance for the turf, no itchiness if lying on the turf either.

Seed now available - contact us for a price and we have lots of information to help you achieve a successful establishment of your first class turf area.

Preparation is the key - a bit of time spent on the site preparation is very worthwhile, and fundamental to a successful turf sowing.

BUT.........start now,so you sow the seed before the heavy storm rains of summer / wet season arrive.

Zoysia sod farm
Compadre zoysia seed sown,at 16 weeks, Darwin area

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