Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Ten Point WeedSmart Management Plan

The 10 Point Plan helps you win the battle against crop weeds. Follow the links below for practical tips and tricks to implement these strategies on-farm, and further information on the research to back up these steps.
  • Research and plan your WeedSmart strategy
  • Understand the biology of your weeds
  • Be strategic and committed

  • Consider your options – chaff cart, narrow windrow burning, baling, Harrington Seed Destructor
  • Compare the financial cost per hectare
  • more difficult on livestock farms but it can be better managed eg move animals carefully from weedy paddocks, allowing time for seeds to exit the gut.
  • Protect the existing herbicide resource
  • Repeated application of effective herbicides with the same MOA is the single greatest risk factor for herbicide resistance evolution

  • Resistance continues to evolve
  • Sample weed seeds prior to harvest for resistance testing

  • Always use the label rate
  • Weeds resistant to multiple herbicides can result from below the rate sprays
  • Diversity, diversity, diversity
  • Consider post-emergent herbicides where suitable
  • Consider strategic tillage

  • Use best management practice in spray application
  • Patch spray area of resistant weeds if appropriate
  • No escapes

  • Plant weed-free crop seed
  • The density, diversity and fecundity of weeds is generally greatest along paddock borders and  areas such as roadsides, channel banks and fencelines

  • Any combination of weed control that involves two sequential strategies
  • A second application to control survivors from the first

  • Increase your crop’s competitiveness to win the war against weeds
  • Row spacing, seeding rate and crop orientation can all be tactics to help crops fight

This was unashamedly pinched from the Weed Smart web site, part of the Australian GRDC area.

Weeds cost agriculture and horticulture big bucks every year.  Money that is a monster loss to growers.

Be smart  and realise how much weeds cost your property.  It does not matter whether a pastoral property, a small horticultural grower, or a mixed cropping and livestock site........have a weed management plan.

For more information visit - http://www.weedsmart.org.au/10-point-plan/  where there are further links to relevant material.

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