Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Live Cattle Exports from Australia Increase Significantly in 2014.

AUSTRALIAN live cattle exports for April have set a new high, recording the greatest monthly volume on record.

Figures released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show Australia’s April live cattle exports totalled 170,435 head, which is more than double last year’s level.

It has pushed the fiscal year-to-April number up 89% year-on-year to 921,273 head, with increased demand reported across most export markets.

Indonesia was once again the largest live cattle market, taking 80,428 head in April, up 45% from April 2013 levels, carrying the volume for July 2013 to April 2014 up 140%, reaching 493,874 head.

The second largest export market was Russia, demanding 29,647 head for the month, with the fiscal year-to-April volume twice as much as the corresponding period in 2013, at 47,735 head.

Live cattle exports to China totalled 18,355 head, lifting the current ten-month fiscal period 66% higher to 72,583 head.

Aggregate shipments to Israel totalled 17,200 head in April (up 116%), taking the fiscal year-to-April to 96,691 head (up 124%).

In April, Australian live sheep exports were 224,958 head, up 47%, yet brought the first ten months of the 2013-14 fiscal year 2% lower year-on-year, at 1.61 million head. Qatar demanded the most live sheep, at 74,000 head, up 6% on April 2013, despite a decline of 10% for the July-to-April period, of 426,897 head. Exports to Jordan reached 55,000 head, taking the fiscal year volume back 20% to 203,208 head.

Consignments to Kuwait reduced 40% on the same time last year, to 41,574 head, lifting the period from July 2013 to April 2014 up 35%, to 729,792 head, while shipments to Bahrain totalled 25,000 head.

Live goat exports increased during April, with a monthly total of 5102 head, up 3% year-on-year, seeing the fiscal year volume 29% higher, at 66,366 head.  Malaysia took the majority of exports, at 4097 head, down 17% on April 2013, with the ten-month fiscal period back 8% to 46,190 head.

Singapore received 836 goats for the month, reaching 17,855 head for the fiscal year – all of which had a final destination of Malaysia.

While this data from MLA tells a positive story, what it does not indicate is the supply from the NT, which would have been the source of most of the stock going to Indonesia.  This is still the main market for NT livestock, and that is probably unlikely to change anytime soon.

More recent unconfirmed data also seems to show more and larger per cent increases in livestock - principally cattle - for China.

There is also market talk of a resumption of sheep sales to Iran, formerly a very large market for Australian sheep for slaughter.  Early days yet!

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