Monday, June 16, 2014

Pyrolysis Plant for Perth Gets Closer - Biochar Use to Grow near Perth?

The development of the pyrolysis plant at the Hazelmere Resource Recovery Centre of the EMRC [ Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council] moves closer with the closure of the Public Environmental Review period recently.
More detail is here - with a video and some timeline details.

There has also been a widely publicised video on the international magazine Waste Management World newsletter which is seen here -,AAAAAEheacc~,POub7blnBC-Leu0uCpdg5kyy6daxQ3__&bclid=2405336528001&bctid=3619981298001
 [ note there are several items - just the first one]

Not too much has been said about the use of the pyrolysed residuals, but it could be a new source of biochar for use in WA.  The soils of the Perth basin especially are sandy and low in carbon - it would be a welcome development.  There are other options for biochar as well, but use in horticulture is well recognised.

The main focus for the plant so far has been gas to be burnt for energy production.

While this plant is modest in size it does illustrate growing interest in Australia for the potential of the technology.

Could it possible that the local Darwin council could potentially seize on the technology and find a partner to develop a plant here?  They were keen many years ago to look at pyrolysis for a waste to oil plant, but the current generation of pyrolysis plants is more focussed on burning flue gas.

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