Thursday, June 19, 2014

Large A$3 million Court Imposed Fine for Coles Supermarkets - Misleading Consumers

Coles supermarkets have received a $3 million fine over selling misleading labelled breads.

This is well documented in the media over the past day or so, with articles here : -
and here -

There are many more on line.

One must also be suspicious over many of the claims made by supermarkets about other products.  May not be as misleading as this one, which does seem to be quite dodgy, but are they as potentially as dubious as this issue?

The mislabelled bread issue has been highlighted by ex Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett, a major protagonist against Coles in this action, with his high profile capable of getting action.

Bread is not the only overseas, mostly European bakery products, in Coles.  Often some of these are shown as "fresh" ie thawed, and ready to use, although most are frozen.

Are we likely to see a backlash by consumers over the disappearance of Australian food items off supermarket shelves, often driven by profit margins of the supermarket giants?

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